A Trauma-Informed Initiation into the Mysteries & Wonders of the Yoni Egg

Get Ready to Reclaim Your Sexuality, Yoni, and Innate Feminine Power.

Access the grounding, pleasure and creative life force you can learn to source directly from your own female body.

What if there were a tool that could support you in creating a new relationship with your sexuality and yoni, while fostering feminine healing and orgasmic awakening?  What if you could learn to harness the unlimited power of your Goddess-given creative life-force energy to have more abundance, love, creativity and connection in your body, sexuality, relationships and life? 

The Jade Egg is a feminine embodiment tool that can support you live a more purposeful, pleasurable, tuned-in and turned-on life.

It is for people with Yonis who have a calling to go deeper; for those searching for the tools to bring connection, healing, awakening, spirit and empowerment to their female bodies and lives.  

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Seem to good to be true? 

I thought so too, that’s why I waited soo long to begin this practice. 
Stick with me and I’ll show you how the process works.

Most women on the planet today are disconnected from their yonis and sensual power.  Humanity is in dire need of courageous beings willing to do the work to reclaim this in their bodies and lives, for the well being of ourselves, our relations, the next generation, and the earth.

So many us are conditioned to ignore the yearnings and desires of our femininity and sexuality.  To push it down, not go there, not pay attention to it.  And, although many women are indeed aware of this, we just don't know what to do about it to make a lasting shift in our lives. 

Female Body Neglect is a very real, normal (and very unnatural) thing

In fact, I consider it an epidemic among people with pussies.  We get turned away from our yonis from the time we are young, and it shows up like this: 

  • You feel disconnected from your female body and sensuality and don't know what it would even look or feel like to have a positive, mutually loving relationship with this part of you
  • You don’t prioritize time to nurture and be with your breasts and yoni regularly
  • You feel physically, emotionally and spiritually disconnected from your female body
  • You’ve never or rarely look at your vulva in the mirror and/or you think it's ugly
  • You haven't done any or much work to address and integrate your sexual wounds
  • You don’t know how to give yourself mind-blowing pleasure and you believe that’s only available for a few lucky women
  • You don't know how to tune into your pussy's voice, desires, and needs
  • Your female body is a source of pain rather than a source of intuition, wisdom, pleasure, inspiration and connection to yourself & spirit

Feminine power, sexual radiance and living the life of your dreams is your essence and your birthright.

In fact, humanity and the planet are practically begging the feminine to shine in her full glory right now... And it doesn’t just happen by thinking your way there... you have to stop fantasizing about it and do something about it; you have to go in and through your body to the depths of the yoni... and I've found that the jade egg is one of the most direct (and fun) ways to get there.

It’s empowering, radical and revolutionary to make this choice as a woman and person with a yoni.

You're likely feeling intrigued, hopeful, and maybe a bit turned on by all this.
And then, the fears, doubts and resistance sets in…

  • This won’t work for me… I’m too wounded, traumatized, religious, shy, old, young, closed down, busy, x, y and z.. it must be for other women who are sexier, more outgoing, open, spiritual, prettier, wealthier, etc.…
  • I have a partner and she/he/they won’t like it, or this stuff must be for singles
  • I already love my body, have a good sex life and can experience a lot of pleasure – why do I need to change anything?  

 I’m here to tell you that I’ve seen hundreds of women from all different backgrounds, ages, races, countries, relationship statuses, job and life situations completely transform their sexuality and life and learn to thrive from the jade egg.  I know deep in my bones that this is available to every single person on the planet who makes the decision to go there. 

Here's why some people in the last round decided to sign up for Jade Egg Initiation:

Empowerment. More of a connection to my yoni and to my sexuality. To be more open and honest regarding my sexual wants, needs and desires. 

I wanted a sexual awakening, increased pleasure and I intended to get to know my body better.

To get to know my femininity and sexuality at a deeper level.

My intention was to have a set time every week to spend nurturing a sometimes 'forgotten' part of myself. I have an active loving sexual relationship with my partner, which sometimes means I don't feel i need to take the time to spend with myself. This was about re-connecting more deeply and hopefully learning something new. 

Reconnect and (re)discover my yoni

My intention was to feel safe in my body.

To gain knowledge about how to use the jade egg and guidance in deepening into my own self pleasure practice.

This Course Is For: 

  • Women and people with yonis
  • Those who are single or in a relationship
  • Humans ready to bust through those lingering doubts and fears about never being able to have the sex and live the life they truly desire
  • People who want to feel connected to their female bodies, heal their sexual wounds, awaken their passion & deep pleasure, and feel empowered from the inside out
  • Women who want to do this work in a held container with other's for support 
  • It's for all of you who have an egg but don’t use it (my egg collected dust in my drawer for 4 years before I actually used it)
  • Those who are completely new to the jade egg and feminine embodiment
  • Yonis with existing jade egg experience who are ready to go much deeper than they've gone before​

I'm Ready! Sign Me Up!

One Time Payment of $359 USD
2 Monthly Payments of $179.50 USD
3 Monthly Payments of $120 USD

Testimonials from the last round of Jade Egg Initiation:

"This is the course ALL girls and women should take. It’s essential for knowing your female body, being grounded in it and learning how to use and tap into the most powerful energy we have. These are practices and knowledge you can use for the rest of your life. The most tangible and rewarding approach to self-love. Everything else is theory, this is real. The real basis for living our lives fully as women."

"I came for the physical benefits, and was gifted with a huge experience of connecting with my body, my sexuality, my pleasure and my spirituality. So many doors have opened. Healing took place where I didn’t even know it was needed. I feel so loved and held in the sisterhood that Hilary is so magically holding space for. Join it and tap into your own power and pleasure!"

"Hilary is a leader in the blossoming field of helping women reclaim their pleasure, sensuality, and sexuality. She is highly skilled in holding a safe space and empowering women to do profoundly deep and transformative work. As a practitioner, I came to Hillary's sessions to carve out some time for myself, as healers need healing too! I found her yoni egg course to be a welcome place for sharing, sisterhood, and setting aside some much needed time for self-nourishment."

"It is impossible to put into words the depth of gratitude I feel for you. It took 41 years to get to this moment, and I will never forget the work that got me here... and you and your work is what lead the way. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

"I have been using my jade yoni egg intuitively for years. This course was a chance to learn more and go deeper into my practice. The warm ups have been amazing a useful outside of yoni egg practice. I have learned to hear my body and partner with my yoni in my readiness. This course unlocked desires and dreams as I healed from my root and owned my pleasure and capacity to receive. I am forever grateful for this course!"
"This course is designed to meet you where you’re at. Whether you’re a total beginner, intermediate or advanced with Jade Egg practice, this course offers something for everyone. It’s more than a course, it’s a community."

“This course opened up a new way of being in this world which I’ve been yearning for for so long. Gentleness, softness and patience with, listening and surrendering to, and honouring of my female body is truly valued. I can bring forth a wisdom, power and more beautiful engagement in this world. I now know it’s possible!”

“This work is probably the most pleasurable way of healing. Making peace with my body and reclaiming my creativity and pleasure feel absolutely empowering!”

“Before this course, I had frustration and confusion around my pleasure and sexuality. Now I have reclaimed my sexuality and so much more than sexual pleasure - nourishment, love, tenderness, sensuality, empowerment, knowing what I really want, knowing my desires and boundaries, feeling safe and being with whatever is present in me. It helped me to refine what I want in other areas of my life. I feel so much more alive, empowered and happy. I felt very welcomed, heard, understood and empowered. I liked the structure of the course and how organically and gently things unfolded. I liked the sisterhood and feeling relaxed around this group of women.”

“This course not only taught me how to increase my pleasure and create a profound, sacred relationship with my yoni, it reconnected me with all aspects of myself, embracing what it truly means to be a woman. Sometimes I want to be emotional, held and nurtured, and other times I want to be wild, passionate and adventurous. I am so grateful for Hilary’s wisdom and ability to hold space for us through breakdown and breakthrough moments, which in my case involved healing shameful experiences from my past.”

Course Details & What's Included

  • Lifetime access to all course material and free participation in all future live rounds so you can always go at your own pace, and come back to the material any time you want
  • 7 core modules of different jade egg practices, tailored to a specific subject (think jade egg basics, healing, sexual awakening, clearing practice, wild woman, and more!).  Each module contains a video introducing the practice, pdf introduction, guided downloadable audio jade egg practice, and a PDF with journaling prompts pertaining to each module's theme 
  • 2 additional modules
    • 6 Warm-up videos and guided downloadable audio practices (stuff like breast massage & womb-heart breathing)
    • 5 Grounding and Balancing videos and guided downloadable audio practices (these are practices to support integration, safety and grounding in the nervous system and body 
  • 7 Weekly Interactive Zoom Calls with Hilary where you will be guided in each week's practice, and have a chance to ask questions/share what's coming up for you if you want - these calls are optional, and always recorded and uploaded to the course portal if you cannot attend live.  Please note live calls only happen when a live round is running, and you get free participation to all future rounds/live calls
  • 2 Bonus nervous system support classes 
  • Private Facebook Group​ to connect with and get support from other women (optional)
  • Optional Pussy Support Pod of to connect individually with other's in the course - you'll be assigned a group if you want and given a detailed script for the calls - this is an amazing way to get and give support during the course
​Jade Egg Initiation is appropriate for complete beginners and those with existing jade egg practices who want a deep dive into the magnificence of the jade egg.

Although a yoni egg practice can always be done without an egg, I do absolutely recommend one for this journey! 

Shop Yoni Eggs

Jade Yoni Egg

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Rose Quartz Yoni Egg

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Jade, Rose Quartz & Obsidian Yoni Eggs

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A woman in her full radiance and sexual power is a force of nature to be reckoned with

Sexually Awakened Yonis...

Upset the status quo. 

They heal, transform, cry, laugh, rage, and feel the most exquisite bliss and pleasure. 

Are able to harness their life-force energy for enhanced creative potential, and to live a live filled with Passion and Purpose

Know they're worthy of it All... they, know they deserves every last ounce of it, they knows it's their birthright (and even if they haven't quite experienced it yet, they can no longer deny the yearning from within). 

When you create a relationship with your yoni, your whole life changes (not just sex, love and relationships).

And you do that by going to her – not ignoring her like we’ve all been taught for hundreds of years. 
With over a decade of self-development work, I've found the jade egg is the easiest, most direct way to connect to the yoni and/or female body, heal your wounds, awaken your creative, sensual, orgasmic energy, and empower your Goddess-given self so you can finally feel fulfilled and in aligned in sex and life. 

​And as a bonus, when we do this work alongside other people with pussies, we begin to heal deep-seated sisterhood wounds and find we can go so much deeper and higher with the authentic love and support we offer to one another.  It's truly life-changing on so many levels.


People from the last round of Jade Egg Initiation noticed these shifts in their bodies/sexuality from our 7 week course:

"I increased my connection and awareness to my whole body. My yoni has increased sensation and longer orgasms. My sexuality has come to the forefront of myself, I feel stronger and more powerful in the way I hold myself."

"I move through the world with more purpose and confidence. And my intimate relationship with my husband has been enhanced, quite a bit."

I am more expressive in my sexuality. I communicate what I want more freely. I own my pleasure."

"I feel like my focus has shifted from peak orgasm on the clitoris to more pleasure inside my yoni. I feel like my capacity to experience my feelings has expanded. I feel like I have a lot more awareness of the sensations in my body, not only inside the yoni but also my nipples and breasts. I love my body more and I appreciate it more unconditionally."

"I've started dancing freely.. I love that. I have a connection to my pussy now. I'm glad I touch her and talk to her."

"I am more in contact with my body, more grounded. Also the sensitivity of my yoni has increased."

"I feel my yoni is really happy I took special time out with her. If find it's very easy to move deeply into pure presence and love with myself, and often, it wasn't even about my sexuality or sensuality, but just taking time out to be present in this way with my yoni."

"I listen so much more to myself, to my desires! And I feel more ready to express them."

Frequently Asked Questions

We asked participants in the last round of jade Egg Initiation if they would recommend this course to other's.. here's what they said:

Absolutely! Women have been shamed and forced to suppress their femininity and sexuality for so long and the feminine collective is screaming to be set free! I hope all women can do this for themselves in whatever way works for them and can feel the freedom that I do know.

YES! This is the most beautiful gift I’ve ever given myself, I would recommend Hilary’s course to any woman who wishes to connect more to her body and feminine essence in the company of other beautiful and courageous women.

Absolutely- I feel your transmission is so gentle, authentic and nurturing you make everyone feel safe and welcome regardless of their knowledge or where they are in their journey which allows them to drop in and feel safe and explore.

​YES! to every woman in the world!

I would absolutely recommend this course. It’s essential. Should be in the school curriculum for all girls. Maybe some day it will be!

I would abso-freaking-lutely recommend this course to any woman. So many women feel shame and self-hate, jealousy and confusion - this practice unveils the pure power that puts all those negative feelings in their place. Gone.

100% I would recommend!!! This course will be healing on different levels, depending on where someone is at in their journey, but at the very minimum, it will help women to begin establishing a deeper relationship with her precious womb space and breasts.

Definitely! I think all women would benefit from this work!

You ready, love?

   We need you. 
Humanity needs you.
The earth needs you.
Let us reclaim and honor the sacredness in our yonis and the planet, together, one yoni at a time.

​The time is now.

Yessss. Sign Me Up for Jade Egg Initiation!!

7-week Initiation into the Wonders of the Jade Egg

  • 7 Core Modules with video, guided audio practices, and journaling prompts
  • 6 Body Warmup videos and guided audio practices
  • 5 Grounding and Balancing videos and guided audio practices 
  • 2 Bonus nervous system support classes 
  • Lifetime access to all course material
  • Weekly Interactive Live Calls with Hilary
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Optional Sisterhood Pod to connect individually with other women on the journey and receive more support
  • FREE participation in all future rounds of Jade Egg Initiation
One Time Payment of $359 USD
2 Monthly Payments of $179.50 USD
3 Monthly Payments of $120

Shop Yoni Eggs

Jade Yoni Egg

$66.00 USD
Rose Quartz Yoni Egg

$55.00 USD
Obsidian Yoni Egg

$50.00 USD
Jade, Rose Quartz & Obsidian Yoni Eggs

$155.00 USD