" As a coach myself, I have seen the power of being held in loving connection and presence, and I am in awe of how it can transform a person. I wanted to experience this myself and I can honestly say it’s been REVOLUTIONARY.  It’s hard to put into words because it’s a REAL experience of empowerment, self-worth, deep insight and greater self-acceptance of oneself. Can you really put a price on that? As a result of investing in myself and working with Hilary, I’ve achieved the exact intention that I set out for myself... and so much more. I am flourishing in my business, I am more accepting of the space I am in right now in my life and myself and therefore feeling more in love with myself, and SO worthy of my heart’s desires. "

" I am so grateful for getting in contact with the Jade egg practice at this time in life, I already experienced a shift in me in the way i relate and connect with my body, from yesterday and I cant wait to see what else might happen. "

" I will never thank you enough my dear for truly opening this path in my life. It's hard to go through but totally worth it. It was time for me to face my fears and understand where they come from ! I love you. "

" Hilary’s coaching is magic, full of love, feminine power and healing. Hilary helped me to discover new insights and truths about myself, and greater self acceptance. This has felt like a surge of love in my life. She helped me work through difficult emotions, getting to the root and guiding me to connect on a deeper level with my own inner knowing, trust and self confidence. With her I was able to witness my own inner wild feminine essence come to life and feel more grounded in gratitude. It was a magical journey and I very highly recommend working the Hilary. She is so empowering, kind and real "

" Signing up for Hilary's course was one of the best decisions I made this year. To do this work with like-minded women is so amazingly empowering. I always recommend Hilary's classes but this class is something every woman should take. I'm so thankful for all I've learned and the connections I've made in her class. "

" Hilary's women's jade egg circles are gentle enough for the total beginner and also deeply nourishing for the seasoned practitioner. She creates safe and inviting spaces for all to come as they are. It's amazing to witness how women can be transformed into such glowing radiant versions of themselves after sharing just a few simple practices! "

" Hilary spoke about her sexual journey and about the practices so clearly, I felt that she saved me tons of hours reading &/or watching on the internet. I am super appreciative for she is super clear, enthusiastic, happy to answer questions, beautiful and so intelligent. To be in a space where a cocktail of women from varied ethnic & cultural backgrounds and sexual experiences share their truths was really scary for me because who talks about sex, their bodies and their experiences so openly?! Afterwards, I felt relief, more at ease and more connected to various struggles of women! "

" Wow Hillary I practiced the Jade egg meditation once a week since we met. I just got my period and I had zero cramps, mood swings much less, feel lighter and no bloating, but I did also go on a juicing cleanse Teo days before, but funnily that came to me in my meditation and it was just something I knew I had to do for two days. Awesome stuff, just thought I'd share. Hope you're having a great week and thank you "

" Yeah really it's so beautiful, I mean so many wonderful things have happened to me over the last few weeks. I'm sure it's a combination of things, but I truly believe the power of the Jade egg and that it has had a huge impact on my sexual healing, maybe more than I realize. I've been writing gratitude lists everyday and manifesting too, so I'm sure it all helps. "

" I was participating few times on Taoist and jade egg workshops with Hilary and every time it was such a profound and fulfilling experience for me. First of all I find it very powerful to be in a woman's circle. It's a place where we can just relax, be open, share our true selves and practice together. And than the practice... being present with myself, with my body and sexuality. I probably have never brought so much attention to my body sensations and my yoni before. I was crying that I never loved myself in this way. I discovered that the more awareness I bring to my yoni the more I can feel and hear her, we build connection. There is a whole yoniverse! The Jage Egg is an amazing tool, small secret how to find the connection to sexuality and feminine power. Through this practice I experienced how I can be present in my body and give love to myself. Everything is in us, there is nothing to look for from the outside. I also feel very grateful to have the simple and beautiful meditations Hilary gave us so I can keep practicing by myself. "

" Thank you for the light that you shine in this world. And thank you for showing me in such simple ways that my yoni has a voice, she is the one who told me all of this after I connected to her after all these years. Please know that the work you do matters so much, in ways you may not know at the time, but that change women’s lives for the better. "

" Thank you for sharing the ebook and meditations. I've already started to noticed a difference in my pelvic floor muscles from just wearing the egg around the house for an hour or so every day. I used to have incontinence when I laugh or sneeze, and I've noticed that has improved. Very excited to use your meditation to continue my egg practice. Great to meet you, and I will keep in touch. "

" I did a jade egg workshop with Hilary and was very content with it. Hilary has a loving and caring energy, she made me feel very comfortable and I loved to be around her. The instructions she gave were clear and the egg that I bought from her is the highest quality and it has brought many benefits to my life. I experience myself much more orgasmic now! This workshop I suggest to every woman - in my opinion it is a must for every woman to heal the feminine issues connected with the yoni area and to strengthen and train this part of the body. "