Welcome To The Journey Of Your Lifetime


I’m here to change the world with you, one yoni at a time.

My deepest desire is for women all over the world to fall fiercely in love with their female body.

This is absolutely not something we are taught growing up.  In fact, we are often programmed into the opposite  – to reject, ignore, criticize, suppress, neglect, judge and even hate our female parts.  To think they’re weird, ugly, shameful, unworthy, too much of this, not enough of that... and therefore me/my body/my sexuality must be flawed.

What’s the result of all this learned yoni hatred?

Many women unconsciously shut down their vital life force – their body, energy, sexuality, intelligence, creativity, voice, passion, power and deepest desires.   We play small, and are taught to give away our power, sensuality, and pleasure in exchange for false promises of safety, love and belonging.

Maybe, like me, this program is no longer working for you… but you don’t quite know yet what to do, where to turn, how or to shift it.  I was so there, for many excruciating years... 

Just one thing first - a reminder that you are totally normal.  The shut-down that so many people with female bodies experience is the result of thousands of years of patriarchal, religious and capitalist programming and the very real, lived wounding we experience as a result.  We internalize this conditioning and believe we are not good enough and that there is something inherently wrong with us. 

I'm here to tell you there is not.  What you are experiencing is normal (although it's NOT natural - a woman's natural state is vibrant, juicy, alive, connected and infinitely powerful), and the very good news it, its’ all workable.  Even your deepest shadows, your most intense wounding is completely transformable. The yoni - your yoni - is resilient af.  There are so many tools out there to support you in breaking free, so you can have the sex, love, relationship and life you’ve been dreaming about. 

Hi, I’m Hilary, a holistic sexuality educator, Pleasure Revolutionist, and Sacred Feminine Embodiment coach and facilitator. 

I believe that tuned-in (which you naturally already are) and turned-on (which many of us are lacking) women live with more pleasure, passion, and purpose, and that this changes the world, one yoni at a time.  My mission is quite simple, yet totally life and world changing. 

To guide you in creating a new relationship with your yoni (which unlocks a treasure chest of wonders in your pelvis and life!)

Sexual energy is creative life force energy – it’s your connection to your original essence, your deepest truths and desires, your purpose in this lifetime, spirit, power and of course your pleasure.   

The world desperately needs radiant, vibrant, sensually embodied and empowered women, who may be afraid or resistant, but are saying YES anyway to living the Highest versions of themselves in all areas of life.  Life is too short to keep living with that nagging voice that you could be having more in sex, relationships, work, or some other key area of your life.   

​The time is NOW to change the program, and live the life of your dreams.  Are you with me, sister?


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The Jade Temple 

I'm the founder of The Jade Temple, a women's center in Koh Phangan, Thailand. 
 We offer many classes and programs for women to come together to practice the radical art of Yoni Love in a space that encourages you to come just as you are in the moment. 

If you can't come to Thailand, join our free thriving virtual community where we aim to blend our in-person women's temple with a virtual sisterhood, so we can come together from across the world, supporting ourselves and each other in reclaiming our female bodies and sensuality while healing deep sisterhood wounds.  In this group we share videos, practices, tips, tools and live streams to connect you deeply with your female body and other women across the world. 

Free Feminine Embodiment Mini-Course

Get started on your journey with three free feminine embodiment guided meditations - breast massage, inner smile to the female body, and yoni breathing.