Hi, I'm Hilary.

I'm a trauma-informed holistic sexuality mentor & educator, pleasure activist, facilitator of Sacred Feminine courses, retreats & trainings online and around the world, TaoTantra and jade egg specialist, founder of The Jade Temple, a women's center in Koh Phangan, Thailand, yoga teacher, lover of life, and seeker of Truth.

Life hasn’t always been this way for me - about 14 years ago, my life began to radically change.  I was living in Washington, D.C., had just finished a master’s degree in justice, law & society, met a new partner, and found myself drawn to a completely new and different way of living.  It was scary, and exciting af.

For the first time in my life, I began to look inward instead of doing all the "good girl" things I had been taught to do on the outside.  In a matter of 2 months, I recovered memories of sexual trauma from my teenage years that had been completely repressed, and soon after I was sexually assaulted while on a solo trip in California.  These experiences were my catalyst for deep change and awakening, as I felt such fear and distress I could no longer ignore my heart’s calling to look within to nurture, love, heal and connect deeply with myself.

I was drawn to yoga and meditation and quickly fell in love with the deep states of peace and acceptance I frequently experienced, and was amazed at the shifts in my awareness and sensitivity.  I reconnected to my body and breath and found deep healing.  

After a years of devoted self & spiritual development work, as well as yoga practice, teaching and learning, I knew there was something more that all my work was not touching upon.  ​On the outside everything looked fine, but I felt like life was passing me by, like I wasn't living to my highest potential or in alignment with my deepest Truths.  And meanwhile, despite all the work I had done on myself, it seemed like I didn’t really know myself or what I really wanted in life.  

For years before I started walking the path of reconnecting with, healing and awakening my female body and sensual energy, I intuitively felt how amazing life would become if I finally handled my sexual issues and learned how to cultivate my innate creative life-force energies.   But I didn't know how to start or where to go for support, and truthfully, I was terrified.  Terrified of shaking up the life I was living, of my relationship ending, of following my heart.  I was terrified of my own radiance, pleasure and power. 
So I just kept doing yoga and meditation, stayed in the long term relationship that wasn't supporting me to become the highest version of myself, blamed everyone and everything outside myself, suffered through years of recurring yeast infections, suppressed my sexual trauma, worked low wage jobs that didn’t feel aligned with the passion within my heart, lived where I didn't really want to be, and convinced myself that all was well enough in life and I should just be happy. 
And when I really tuned in, there was a soft, gentle inner voice that was calling me back to yoni, intuitively telling me that this is where my deepest wisdom, intuition, pleasure, passion, truths and purpose were patiently waiting.
But still, even though I had read some books on sexuality and even bought a jade egg (that I didn't use), there was nobody and nothing there to show me the way.  Then I found Layla Martin and signed up for her online course.  She was my first teacher of feminine embodiment and TaoTantric Arts, and with her guidance and the support of other women (virtually) in her course, I quickly realized that my sexuality and femininity were absolutely the missing link in my life, creativity, and personal/spiritual practice, and that I could lean on other women for support.  I was hooked.  

As a new path of sexual healing and awakening emerged, I was stunned at how quickly things began to shift and become clear in my life – it was like my body was becoming alive from the inside out, and with that, I gained access to so much wisdom, pleasure, intuition, guidance, and life-force energy.   I learned firsthand about the power that came from pussy.  I learned this because I looked at her, felt her, talked to her, asked her what she needed and wanted.  I gave her space, voice, love and presence.  My journey was incredibly intimate and simultaneously painful, confronting, enraging, beautiful, expansive, pleasurable, connecting, ecstatic, blissful, frightening and enlivening, all at the same time (and it still is!).

And through this I understood why I had been conditioned away from going to to my female body for so long. I was afraid to own and follow my desires, afraid of my own Truths and radiance, afraid of my own pleasure and power.

Now, after more than 13 years of deeply devoted personal practice and study, I love offering women a blend of the tools and techniques I’ve used in my own healing and growth work.  I find deep joy and fulfillment in combining TaoTantra,  jade egg, holistic sexuality, women's feminine embodiment yoga, breathwork, movement, and a lot more to support women in their sensual healing and awakening journeys. ​

I offer a variety of ways for you to get involved with this life-changing feminine embodiment work, from 1:1 coaching, online courses & trainings, group coaching journeys, and offerings at The Jade Temple in Koh Phangan.  And if you just want to get a taste without committing yet, please join my online community's private Facebook group, The Jade Temple Sisterhood.