Everything you need to begin your life-changing jade egg journey



I'm Ready for my Jade Egg Beginner's Pack

I know, I know.

You’ve made your way here, which means you’ve probably heard the buzz about the jade egg and how it can dramatically shift the way you experience yourself – your sexuality, pleasure, orgasm, and connection to the deepest parts of you…

And perhaps you’re ready to experience the life-changing effects of finally connecting deeply with your yoni and developing a new relationship with her based on love, listening and the wisdom she brings forth to you…

It’s likely that you want to reclaim, expand and even master your orgasmic potential…

That you feel it’s time to start doing the healing work around the sexual wounding, shame and conditioning that your carry in your body so you can come back to your original sexual essence and turn-on and have the sex, love and relationships of your dreams.

And like so many women all over the world, you’re hearing the call, and are ready to say YES to awakening your creative life force and to experiencing more radiance and joy in your sexuality and life…

And if you’re here reading this, you perhaps have a feeling the jade egg can support you in this, but you’re not really sure how or where to begin…

You know that the egg goes inside the vagina, but that’s about it… and you’re not sure how to cultivate all those amazing things that you hear the egg can do that sound almost too good to be true.

Look no further.

I designed this Beginner’s Package for women who need guidance on how to connect to their yoni, sensuality and turn-on. 

For women who want to begin walking this path of feminine embodiment, but don’t know how to get started (understandably so! This is not the stuff we’re taught in school… 😉 )

And for women who are drawn to the jade egg, but need to be told precisely what to do and how to practice.

Included is everything you need to start your (lifelong) journey with the feminine embodiment and the jade egg,


 Certified 100% pure nephrite jade egg (options to include rose quartz and obsidian egg too, for the full package!)

Three starter videos on the jade egg, including how to string, clean and care for your egg

 25-page E-book describing the whats, hows, and whys of the jade egg and feminine embodiment, including the 20 most common FAQs I get about the jade egg

 6 downloadable feminine embodiment and jade egg meditations to effortlessly guide you through your home practice

 Suggested practice plans for a quickie and longer jade egg and feminine embodiment sessions

 Access to a community of women in a private FB group for added support and sharing

 A playbook with journaling questions to support your yoni love journey

 4 PDFs with journaling questions, practice suggestions, a guide on how to create a sensual jade egg ritual for yourself, and additional yoni egg resources

The yoni egg practice is part of a revolution sweeping the globe right now.  We are living in a time where the Divine Feminine is rising and waking up not only in the minds and hearts of women all over the world but in the bodies and yonis.  In order to access the wisdom, intuition, creativity, life-force, pleasure, purpose and spirit that is inherently available to us as women, and that serves us as well as all those around us, we are being beckoned back to the source:  The Yoni, Our Yoni, My Yoni, and the jade egg is one practice that can take you there,and then some 😉

I’m part of the revolution! Send me my Beginner’s Pack!