Gushing Goddess

A g-spot and female ejaculation masterclass for women.

Next Live Round: June 18th, 2022 on Zoom.  
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Gushing Goddess is a course for women who want to learn precisely how to expand their orgasmic capacity for g-spot, vaginal and squirting orgasms.   

But it's actually much more than learning how to squirt.

It's about giving women the practical information, precise tools, encouragement and support to prioritize their pleasure and bring it consistently and consciously into their lives. 

Why does this matter? 

We are at a point in human history where we need as many tuned-in, turned-on women as possible living lives filled with pleasure, passion and purpose... and it just so happens that awakening the inner vagina, g-spot and your sacred waters have been linked for centuries to personal and spiritual evolution... and of course, massive amounts of pleasure :)  

Gushing Goddess will teach you the techniques of how to expand your orgasmic potential (think of it as the all important female body education – and then some - that you likely never received!).

You'll learn fascinating and life changing information like what the female erectile tissue network is, how and why to stimulate it from the outer most layers inward, how to push your pussy out/down using yoni breathing and pulsing, and why your pelvic floor muscles matter, a lot, in awakening your pleasure & squirting potential. 

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Here's what's covered:

  • Tantric, Taoist, and other ancient cultural perspectives on squirting (Oooh this is just so encouraging and beautiful!)
  • Myths and misconceptions about squirting
  • What science says – the whats, wheres, hows, whys and other practical aspects of squirting
  • Female anatomy, glands, ducts, erectile tissue, and how to properly stimulate a yoni to encourage the gush!
  • Holistic viewpoint, mind-state and intention to support your journey
  • 10 supporting practices (including the top 3 most important ones with downloadable audios)
  • Practice techniques and tips (pdf guide included)
  • Tips for partners pdf guide 
  • Downloadable 38 minute home audio practice so you have guidance in exploring all the techniques and tools until you gush 

You’ll come away with a deep foundation and practical exercises to explore, and be given the information, practices and tools to explore it on your own at home, both by yourself and/or with a partner. 
We have a private Facebook group for participants so you can practice, ask questions as you explore, and get follow up support from Hilary and the group!
This masterclass is for any woman or person with a yoni, no matter where you are in your pleasure journey.  Even if you're just beginning to deepen into and explore pleasure and your yoni, you will get a lot out of it as there is a lot of useful and practical information on the female body, anatomy, mind-state, and practice tips and tools that are beneficial to any person who wants to explore, reclaim and expand the experience of what is possible in their female body!

Practical Details

  • When you register you will be given access to an online portal where you'll get instant, lifetime access to all the course material, including: 
    • Video and audio replay of the live Gushing Goddess masterclass (uploaded within 24 hours of the live workshop)
    • 38 minute downloadable audio meditation that guides you through the most important squirting techniques
    • 3 bonus audio meditations to support the cultivation of more pleasure in your body
    • 4 accompanying pdf guides - practice tips, practice techniques, supporting practices, and tips for partners/lovers
    • The power point presentation used in the live masterclass
  • $66 USD early bird pricing through June 12th only 
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