Private coaching for women ready to discover freedom, awakening and empowerment in their female body and life

In my work as a coach and facilitating workshops and retreats I constantly hear women saying things like:

⚡ I don’t feel as much pleasure in my body or during sex as I’d like to, and it affects the way I feel about myself and/or my partner/relationship 

⚡ I am numb, blocked or shut down in my body, I’m not very orgasmic, and because of this I often feel like something’s wrong with me 

⚡ I want to reclaim my pleasure for MYSELF, and I struggle with feeling shame and unworthiness 

⚡ I have sexual wounding or trauma that I know impacts my sex life and relationships

⚡ I know I’m capable of experiencing MORE in my body sexuality… but I don't know how to get there 

⚡ I want more orgasm from more places inside my vagina, including full body orgasms, multiple orgasms, and energy orgasms

⚡ It’s hard for me to relax into my body, surrender to pleasure, and fully receive – instead I tend to tense up and contract around pleasure

⚡ I have an intuition that awakening my sexuality and healing my sexual wounds will also help me to thrive in my work, creativity and overall life… and I’m SO ready to go there!

I’ve been there, experienced all of this, and at times I felt so broken and utterly hopeless that anything could ever change. And I’m here to tell you it can. I went from being incredibly shut down both emotionally and in my body and sexuality, to devoting myself to the tools I will teach you that worked for me to heal my body and psyche from the inside out.

I have a history of sexual trauma both from when I was a teenager and also as a young adult. For many years I blocked parts of this completely out of my awareness. If you asked me, I would have said I was “fine,” “cool,” or “good,” but deep down I was completely numb inside, not able to feel pleasure, passion or pain.

I was in a long-term relationship and sex was just okay - I often felt numbness or pain, and orgasm often escaped me (and when it was there it only came from my clitoris from a lot of clenching and holding my breath). I had chronic yeast infections that affected how I felt about myself and certainly affected my relationship and sex life. Beyond this, I felt like I wasn’t living my life to the fullest. I didn’t know what I wanted, I was often following someone else’s script (parent's, society's, my boyfriend's...), my work life was anything but abundant and I couldn’t hear my heart’s deepest callings for my life.

And the thing is that I had been to therapy, done tons of self-work, and I was on a deep journey of transformation for many years. I was a yoga teacher and avid meditator, ate healthy, exercised, lived in nature… yet still, something was off. I felt like I had hit a plateau, and for a very long time I couldn’t quite figure out just what it was.

About 3 years before I began my sexual healing journey, I remember being in Asia thinking to myself "when I finally focus on my sexuality, my life is going to explode." But I didn't know how or what to do. There were no teachers, courses, coaches or healers in my field. I thought if I just doing a lot of yoga and wrote gratitude lists I would be feel happy and whole.

Turns out the key to all of this was actually quite simple, and with me all along.

It was patiently waiting in my womb, my yoni, my pussy, my female body.

"As a coach myself, I have seen the power of being held in loving connection and presence, and I am in awe of how it can transform a person. I wanted to experience this myself and I can honestly say it’s been REVOLUTIONARY. It’s hard to put into words because it’s a REAL experience of empowerment, self worth, deep insight and greater self acceptance of oneself. Can you really put a price on that? As a result of investing in myself and working with Hilary, I’ve achieved the exact intention that I set out for myself... and so much more. I am flourishing in my business, I am more accepting of the space I am in right now in my life and myself and therefore feeling more in love with myself, and SO worthy of my heart’s desires." Kimara

"I will never thank you enough my dear for truly opening this path in my life. It's hard to go through but totally worth it. It was time for me to face my fears and understand where they come from ! I love you." Flora

"Thank you for the light that you shine in this world. And thank you for showing me in such simple ways that my yoni has a voice, she is the one who told me all of this after I connected to her after all these years. Please know that the work you do matters so much, in ways you may not know at the time, but that change women’s lives for the better." Thelma

"Hilary’s coaching is magic, full of love, feminine power and healing. Hilary helped me to discover new insights and truths about myself, and greater self acceptance. This has felt like a surge of love in my life. She helped me work through difficult emotions, getting to the root and guiding me to connect on a deeper level with my own inner knowing, trust and self confidence. With her I was able to witness my own inner wild feminine essence come to life and feel more grounded in gratitude. It was a magical journey and I very highly recommend working the Hilary. She is so empowering, kind and real" Kim

I now know that a woman’s sexuality affects all aspects of her life… when she has unhealed sexual wounding (either from something more serious like abuse or assault, or just from living in a world that shames, completely ignores, and endlessly judges a woman’s body sexuality and pleasure) it closes her off to her deepest and innate source of creative life force, intuition and power… and when she’s sexually vibrant and alive, it opens worlds of possibility in her body, relationships, spirit, work and life in general.   

I had to spend a lot of time creating new pathways in my brain and body.  I've spent thousands of hours teaching myself how to breathe into my female body, feel her, look at her, listen to her, and send her unconditional love and acceptance.  I had to look at my shame, conditioning, trauma, patterns, and ways I kept myself small so ultimately I could empower parts of myself that could support me to become the feminine, sexual, creative, authentically empowered woman I knew I was meant to be!

And it wasn’t until I went into the deepest and most powerful parts of my being (my yoni and womb), and did the work to feel, heal, integrate and transform the old parts that were out of alignment that I began to feel alive in my sexuality and clear in my life. And it wasn't until I claimed my body, pleasure, and sexuality for ME that I began to feel an inner confidence and radiance that no one could ever take.

Over the years have discovered many teachings, tools and techniques that shift all this from the deepest layers, and this is exactly what I’ll be guiding you through in our private coaching work. We’ll go through mental, emotional and somatic processes that help to create new neural pathways in your brain and body to imprint a new way of living and relating.  This is important because most processes only touch on one of these – the work we’ll do together is based on a proven coaching methodology that bring together mental, emotional and body-based work so you can begin a journey of lasting transformation in the way you experience sex, love, relationships and your overall life.


I am buzzing and longing to share this powerful private coaching journey with the right women who are ready to say YES to THRIVING in their bodies, sexuality and lives, NOW, in a HUGE way. 

This process works, because we approach transformation in the conscious mind, the emotional brain, the subconscious, and through deep embodiment that rewires your most strongly rooted patterns. 

Is it for you? 

Details of Private Coaching

  • Three month container with 12 sessions (75 - 90 minutes each)
  • Sessions are customized and include a blend of emotional processes, mind-state work, feminine embodiment practices (from Tao, Tantric, holistic sexuality and jade egg tradition), trauma release and breathwork, and processes to uncover, create a new relationship with, and integrate parts of the body/mind complex that subconsciously hold us back from having what we really want in sex, love and life
  • Free access to all group online courses for 1 year! 
  • Cost:  $3,000 paid in full (or three monthly payments of $1,025) 

If you're feeling the nudge to reclaim and expand your sexuality and pleasure, you're so welcome to schedule a clarity call below so we can feel if this is the right fit.