A Sexual Healing, Awakening & Empowerment Course


Begins October 4, 2022

What would happen if you spent an entire year devoted to your yoni?



A Yoni Connection, Healing and Empowerment Course


Begins October 4, 2022 

Early bird through August, 18th


What would happen if you spent a year devoted to your yoni?



The power of The Feminine is awakening on Earth right now. 


Through hundreds of years of patriarchal and religious conditioning, women & people with yonis have been systematically stripped of their innate power, the sacredness that inherently exists in their female bodies, and their erotic intelligence. The implications of this are far-reaching for not only women themselves, but for their partners, families, communities, and the earth.


A woman who does the work to reclaim her pleasure, female body, sensuality, and creative power is unstoppable…

And a worldwide network of women embarking on this path together, supporting each other to thrive, changes the world, one yoni at a time.

If you're like many women, deep inside you feel there is more to sexuality than what you're currently experiencing.

So many of us live with sexual disconnection, low libido, lack of sensation and pleasure in our yonis, orgasmic difficulties, and sexual guilt and shame. And we often suffer alone, thinking we're the only ones, that we're doomed to live like this forever, and that nothing can help us shift our sexual reality.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

There are so many accessible tools available to modern-day women that can be used to shift you from a state of disconnect and mediocre sex to embodying sacredness in your sexuality and becoming the sexually connected and empowered woman you know you're capable of... most of us just need a little help and practical support to get there.


I envision a world in which girls grow up being taught by their mothers, aunties, and communities, even their schools, media, and religion to love their yonis, intimately know their female bodies, honor their blood, and embrace their sexual nature as a force for joy, pleasure, connection, creativity, and spirit in their bodies, relationships, and lives.

Although this is not something most girls grow up learning, it’s very possible to create a new earth for ourselves and our future daughters. It’s more important now than ever for the women of this earth to discover the treasures that lay within our own female bodies, and to know our yonis as a space where we can gain access to our deepest wisdom, intuitive guidance, our unique heartfelt path, and deep states of ecstatic bliss.

I believe this work is vital to the survival of the human species, for how we relate to the feminine within our own bodies (individually and collectively) is how we relate to the feminine on the outside- in the earth, the waters, and Mother Nature herself.  Let us learn how to honor and restore the Sacred Feminine. 

Year of the Yoni Intention


The intention for Year of the Yoni is to gather a diverse group of women and people with female bodies from around the world who feel a stirring deep within their wombs at the thought of committing to their sexual embodiment for one year, together.  

YOY is for women who want - who need - to be part of a global community of yonis choosing a new path for themselves, for the next generations and for the earth. 

We are here to create a judgment-free space where you are always welcomed to show up exactly are you are, and you'll be held in your deepest shit and celebrated in your highest glory!

We care deeply about seeing, feeling and healing our individual and collective wounds, and supporting the evolution of higher levels of consciousness in women’s bodies and lives that the world desperately needs. 

We are so excited to call in the yonis who feel a full on F U C K  Y E S for this journey, even if it feels a bit scary or intimidating!  

How The Course Works


Year of the Yoni is intentionally designed to be simple so it can easily fit into your life. 

For one year, each month we'll have:

  • Four feminine embodiment, yoni egg, or yoni self-massage practices guided live on Zoom (90 minutes each).  
  • One bonus workshop on a topic related to female sexuality from Hilary or another expert guest teacher (90 minutes each).

You'll also receive:

  • 7 supporting audio practices for yoni and breast love 
  • 5 supporting audio practices for grounding and nervous system support 
  • Additional 10 - 20 minute feminine embodiment, yoni egg and yoni self massage audio guides every month to supplement your practice

To support you in your process & connect you to the community, you'll have the option of joining: 

  • A Yoni Support Pod where you will be paired together with other women in the course.  You'll be given a detailed template for a bi-monthly support call.  This is optional, and highly recommended!  
  • A private Facebook Group for connecting with each other, asking questions, and getting support throughout the year

As more and more people with yonis start to feel the call to cultivate the untapped powers within we:

  • Heal deep individual, ancestral and cultural trauma patterns
  • Restore the sacredness that naturally exists in the female body
  • Free ourselves to create the sexuality, relationships, and communities that we are so deeply yearning for
  • Step into our divine birthrights of pleasure, power and sexual radiance
  • Do purposeful work in the world, aligned with our highest calling, that brings prosperity and joy into our lives and humanity at large

Can we really settle for anything less anymore?

Year of the Yoni will support you to:

  • Experience your sexuality as a source of connection, wisdom, sacredness and empowerment 
  • Release old wounds including sexual guilt, shame, unworthiness and judgment  
  • Ground in safety and confidence in your body and sexuality 
  • Increase your libido 
  • Connect your brain and vagina for deeper sensitivity, stronger and more orgasms, including vaginal and full body orgasms
  • Be present in your yoni instead of in your head during sex/self-pleasure 
  • Have a more fulfilling sex life with yourself or your partner



In Year of the Yoni, you'll receive 12 Bonus Workshops with Expert Guest Teachers 

Each Workshop is on a topic related to women's sexuality from experts in various fields

Laura Parshley

Licensed Medical Massage Therapist, Yoga Therapist and Women's Wellness Educator 

A Peak into the Female Pelvis: Form, Function & Facilitation

Carol Matasci

Sex, Love & Relationship Coach

Trauma, Safety and Nervous System Support


Dianne Shepherd

Certified Holistic Sexuality Coach

Trauma Release Exercises (TRE) 

Sensual Breathwork 

Brittany Williams

Sex Doula & Expansion Coach

Anal Consciousness and the Reciprocity of Release

Jaime Lauren

Holistic Menstrual Coach

Menstrual Cycle Awareness

The Fertility Awareness Method of Birth Control

Hilary Kimball

Holistic Sexuality Educator, Founder of The Jade Temple

The Yoni Egg 

Yoni Self Massage, Mapping, De-Armouring and Pleasure Anatomy

Kate Elena

Men's Sexuality Coach & Tantric Educator

Understanding Men's Sex and Intimacy Issues: A Somatic Perspective


Luna Agneya

Tantric Sexuality and Relating Facilitator

Tantric Sexuality for Women 

Conscious Relationships


Frequently Asked Questions

Hi, I'm Hilary.  

I struggled for so long in myself and in relationships feeling disconnected, sexually wounded, and helpless in how to make the shifts in my sexuality I was yearning for. 

Even though I wanted it, I didn’t know how to move from feeling dull, disconnected and passionless to restoring the sacred & feeling empowered and embodied in my sexuality.  

Now I know I wasn't alone; so many women have issues in their sexuality but they don’t know what to do or where to go to make lasting shifts, and they are skeptical if it could really work for them. 

The thing is, I was doing so many things to support my healing, but none of them really worked because I wasn't actually going to my yoni in new ways.  It wasn't until I finally discovered yoni embodiment practices that things actually began to change.

Using simple practices to create sexual safety, resensitize my yoni, and build neural networks between my brain and vagina, I created massive shifts in my sexuality, body and life.  Looking back, I can hardly believe this is the same yoni and body I had 10 years ago!

Throughout my journey I’ve taken some of the world’s top trainings in female sexuality.  I’ve now supported thousands of women go from feeling cut off from their yoni and pleasure to experiencing more connection and fulfillment in their sexuality than they ever thought possible. 

Year of the Yoni is a distillation of the simplest yet most effective tools in the fields of holistic sexuality, Tantra and Taoism.  I put the practices together in an accessible way that will transform how you experience your yoni and sexuality from the inside out, or your money back. 

My mission as a teacher is to spread Yoni Love across the world, so that there are women in every country, city and town who have a deep relationship with their yonis, grounded in love & deep listening, and that this is passed onto future generations.

Together we are Changing The World, One Yoni At A Time!!

Take a moment and imagine it's October 2023....

You’ve committed yourself for a whole year to deepening into relationship with and honoring your yoni.... 


You feel overflowing with love, intrigued at the massive shifts you’ve made, proud af of yourself for all the practices you’ve done and healing you’ve held yourself through.

You're more connected to your sexuality than ever before, your pleasure and orgasmic ability have skyrocketed, and you feel more passionate, powerful and on purpose than ever before.

You've made lifelong friends, had an embodied experience of being held in sisterhood, and you know the benefits of doing this work alongside other badass women.

You’ve been through so much, yet you want more, and you’re ready to face the world with your new yoni as the New You!

In Year of the Yoni you will...

  • Devote 1 year to diving deeply into your own feminine and sexual reconnection
  • Deepen into a new, intimate and flourishing relationship with your yoni and female body - one that you may have never thought was possible, even if you've been on this path for a while!
  • Unearth deep sexual & feminine healing work so you can live fully in your pleasure, power, passion and purpose
  • Awaken and expand your sexual energy, pleasure & orgasmic capacity 
  • Discover your feminine creativity, power, and radiance that is so needed on the planet right now and just waiting to be unleashed!
  • Receive expert guidance, live teachings, and unwavering support from a community of women who have also stepped up to be a part of this growing revolution

Can you feel the calling?

It’s time for you to step into the highest version of yourself.

No more playing small, love.

The world needs you in your full feminine power.




3 Monthly Payments of



6 Monthly Payments of



12 Monthly Payments of




I was so lucky to have been called to the Jade Temple. I have attended Yoni Hour (feminine embodiment), jade egg guided practices, and the 3 day retreat Yoni Initiation with Hilary.  Before learning about these practices I didn't know this type of relationship with my body was possible.... or that my body held such deep wisdom that I have access to. 

I have always lived in my mind, thinking this is where the power lived... Now because of the sisterhood and classes given by Hilary, I am able to begin a journey of living within my body. I have been given tools that I can use both alone and with sisters. 

It’s unbelievable what these practices can do in such a short time, I can't imagine where a woman could be after one year... but I know I will find out! 


Hilary’s teachings are magic, filled with love, feminine power and healing. Hilary helped me to discover new insights and truths about myself, and greater self-acceptance. This has felt like a surge of love in my life. She helped me work through difficult emotions, getting to the root and guiding me to connect on a deeper level with my own inner knowing, trust and self-confidence. With her I was able to witness my own inner wild feminine essence come to life and feel more grounded in gratitude. It was a magical journey and I very highly recommend working the Hilary. She is so empowering, kind and real..”


In Hilary’s course I felt the connection to my yoni for the first time in my life and was even able to receive messages from her :) I also now experience pleasure in simple things like preparing yummy fruits or stroking myself softly.  In sexuality I can sense so much more of what I like and don't like and communicate it, no longer enduring or forcing myself to do things that are not right for me.


I recommend all women to take part in Hilary’s courses to banish shame, bring awareness away from the mind into your heart & yoni, connect with other women and experience sisterhood, to learn what you've been never taught about your female body and let go of negative conditioning. Hilary helped me to bring some unconscious limiting beliefs about my yoni to the surface and I was able to see how untrue they really were and was able to connect with more positive thoughts. I feel liberated, more connected and alive!


I am really feeling in love tonight - I was wondering where the butterflies in my belly were coming from, then I knew: I‘m in love with myself after the healing practice I did with Hilary. It was a completely overwhelming feeling: My sexuality, my love belongs to myself, not to anyone else.


Hilary is really incredible! She handled everybody in our jade egg course classes with so much individual care and understanding, giving from her heart and really offering a safe container. You are doing peace work, woman! I am super honored to be part of this journey, which unravels as something so much bigger than I expected! 


I only started using my egg recently and I am LOVING IT!!  I’ve never been able to climax “by myself” and “for myself,” until now! Hilary's guided meditations have helped me slow down, relax and enjoy getting to know my own body in a fun and beautiful way! It’s amazing that with one little class with you got me interested in something I never knew I was missing! THANK YOU HILARY!!!


So grateful for your work and your guidance ! It has drastically rescued me and my sex life with my partner.  So I will forever be indebted to your teachings.


Wow! It (your jade egg class) was powerful and I loved it! I got my Yoni Egg which I practice now for exactly 2 cycles.  I was surprised how much more I feel in my Yoni. A frequent pulsing while just sitting and breathing. I was so (pleasantly) surprised by that.


Thank you so much! I listen to Hilary's jade egg recording as my morning practice and they are so beautiful. Hilary’s guidance is so natural and relaxed. It really invited opening and dropping in, and ooooozing into the body. It was perfect! I loved loved loved doing this movement practice from the space of pleasure. The constant reminder to return to pleasure, return to love, return to softness.  And truly, her facilitation is amazing.


I came to Hilary’s Feminine Embodiment class for several reasons. I recently came to the realization that I have been neglecting my Yoni. Not only is she numb, she’s very shy and actually she and I do not feel safe when it comes to owning our pleasure. 

I have a strong desire to feel more pleasure during sex, but also to carry that ownership and sensuality into my everyday. I also have a strong desire to move through and heal a lot of sexual trauma that has been stored there. 

Healing our sexuality is a foundation of wellbeing.  Having more worth in the bedroom can lead to more self respect and growth in other areas of your life.

I think Hilary’s embodiment classes address all of these issues.  I believe the world would be a better place if more women came and had access to these teachings.  If every woman gave this much love and importance to her pleasure, would the standard not then rise for men to? Could we be less stressed? And have stronger boundaries? Higher self worth? I think so.

If you can feel the stirring in your bones and the remembrance in your yoni, now is the time to embark on the journey of reclaiming your pleasure, passion & power.

When one Yoni takes the leap, we all rise. 

Is it time for you to answer the calling?

Ready to dive in, Gorgeous?

I'm in.